Q. What can I expect for maintenance on my steel building?

A.  The great thing about using metal over conventional framing and siding is it has a much greater warrantee for long term maintenance free use. It is insect and fire resistant, sheds away nasty weather elements.

Q. Why build with steel rather than conventional stick framing?

A.  First of all, your ceiling heights are clear span framing, utilizing this advantage to maximize your square footage. Second and most important is a much lower cost per sq ft. Third is time saved for building construction; metal buildings typically take less time to erect and finish by over 30%.

Q.  Why use Building Systems LLC for my metal building needs?

A.  Building Systems LLC offers free estimates. We are fully insured.  We can design your building to meet your budget and needs. We can also complete your building project from start to finish and , most important, ON TIME.